How We Help

The HR Help Desk is a cost-effective solution to a very expensive need

When something happens, you'll need sound advice immediately. There's no time to look for an expert then.

Our complete Help Desk service is your go-to resource for current HR practices, in-the-moment damage control,  basic employment and labor law support

  • Your designated employee is the “face" of HR for the company
  • Our Help Desk provides customized HR expertise, documents and processes that will manage risk while promoting employee engagement

How We Help

Provide damage control in the moment - at the moment  you need guidance
Decrease turnover by 40 to 60%
Dispense with employee issues before they escalate through offering an employee hotline
Function as the owner/manager's go-to resource for HR
Reduce the risk of theft
Deal with problem employees
Create and implement leadership training
Eliminate irregular or unlawful hiring practices
Eliminate irregular or unlawful terminations
Eliminate irregular or unlawful treatment of employees
Improve leadership understanding of mandatory HR compliance matters
Assist in employee/client injury follow-up and risk reduction


Call to learn how the Help Desk can help you make the right HR decisions in real time.

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What should I expect when I call?

  • You'll reach -- immediately -- a human resources expert with a minimum of 12 years experience
  • You'll share your issue; our HR pro will ask questions as needed to clarify understanding.
  • Our HR expert will offer guidance and suggestions on how to handle the situation.
  • Our expert will provide documents if needed.
  • If necessary, our HR expert will request additional time to consult with Legal for additional guidance.
  • Once legal guidance has been obtained, our HR expert will be in touch to share additional information.

The TSG-HR Help Desk is a full turn-key solution for day-in, day-out human resources questions and concerns.

The HR Help Desk Spans the Globe

TSG HR Help Desk "Make it Whole" Guarantee

If the TSG-HR Help Desk provides information that leads to unexpected expense in resolving the issue, we will represent our client company against legal or regulatory agency and resolve it, at our cost.