Roger Bank

Square 4 Consulting [Technology] ~ 33 employees

My PEO promised to provide all the HR support I needed. When I needed them, they never returned my calls or they referred me to ‘an approved local attorney’. TSG-HR's Help Desk is there when I need them.

Stephanie Wise

Moe's Southwest Grill [Franchise] ~ 10 employees

I knew I needed a handbook and someone that I can talk with to make sure I was not violating any rules. Linda from TSG-HR learned my business, is my HR advisor, and my business partner. My PEO only saw me as another small paycheck.

Dr. Steven Perlow

Perlow Urology PC [Healthcare] ~ 9 employees

TSG-HR Help Desk is the cheapest insurance policy I have ever bought and enjoyed using again and again.

Terry Dexter

Gaelstar Corporation - Willow WISP [Technology] ~ 52 employees

The Stonehaven Group raised the bar on HR outsourcing and advisement. The TSG-HR Help Desk treats everyone as a unique, valuable individual whose skills, knowledge and expertise enhance a company’s bottom line. The level of professionalism and dedication TSG-HR brings to the table stands ‘Head and Shoulders’ above the crowd. There is no one else I would trust to provide HR services for my company.

Cecil Glover

Colonial Trust Company [Service - Banking] ~ 35 employees

Since TSG – Help Desk removed the burden of the human resources function, we can focus on what we do best. TSG-HR cleaned up the mess, and then took the proactive approach to make sure we never had any issue again. No one does this!

William Arline

ATI Investors [Service - Investment] ~ 45 employees

Any business that does not have an HR department or minimal presence will benefit greatly from The Stonehaven Group’s HR Help Desk support and executive advisory services. There is no one better to have at your side for stability and peace of mind.

Tiffany McClure

Designs by Tiffany [Service - Retail] ~ 15 employees

I need HR help but I am too small to afford an in-house HR person, and a consultant was too limited in what they could bring to the table. TSG-HR’s Help Desk combined the support I needed with a price I can afford.

Craig Hypren

Hypren & Lymen Attorneys at Law [Professional Services] ~ 22 employees

Every day I see clients that have run into employee problems because they did not have someone to call. In most cases, these costly mistakes could have been easily and quickly resolved if they had been proactive versus reactive. TSG-HR’s Help Desk solution is the support service the small business market has been missing. I am not only referring TSG-HR’s service to my clients, I have used them for my own firm.


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