Cost Comparison

There are two HR Help Desk Levels.

The level for which a company qualifies is determined by the number of employees.

17 Employees & Up Up to 17 Employees

Unlimited Calls

Get information you know you can trust exactly when you need it.
Included Included

Expert Guidance

Workers comp, fraud, theft, unemployment matters, drug testing, workplace violence, turnover reduction.
Included $150 per hour
when requested

Legal Services

Qualified legal advice on HR-related matters, contracts and agreements.
Included $225 per hour
when requested

1-800 Employee Hotline

Safe environment for employees to discuss and vent issues.
Included $10 per employee
per month when added

Web-Based Training

For leaders and line personnel.
Included $500 per session
$50 per employee over 10

Recruiting Support

Sourcing of candidates and on-boarding new employees. Turnkey approach.
Included $150 per hour
plus expenses. Limited to two postings.

Customized Employer Forms

Handbooks, job descriptions, hiring forms, updates, disciplinary.
Included $300 per document
$150 per hour
when requested.



per employee
per month


per month, plus added services as needed


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